Ninjas were hired mercenaries and spies who used covert methods of combat – the art of ninjutsu, which included training in specific tools and weapons of the trade. Ninja tools of the trade are still being reproduced for modern use and has the largest collection of Ninja gear on the market today that includes a variety of Ninja gear like swords, Ninja throwing stars and functional or training nunchaku. In addition you’ll find grappling hooks, kamas, sais, caltrops and steel chain whips, among other Ninja weapons - all at a price point and quality level that has absolutely no competition!

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  • Steven

    Highly recommend. I bought 3 of them. They did not come sharp though, however they stick nicely. I put a blade on my 3 easily with a grinder.

    Review of: Honshu Sleek Black Throwing Star
  • Robert

    I just received this piece today and must say I am impressed. The wood is heavy and strong. I personally craft walking sticks and other such items out of wood and can easily say the wood is very good. Definitely tapered towards one end, which I came to expect from the reviews, but both ends withstand strikes. I have read some of the reviews and as a martial artist I think such a fine piece of wood would be wasted on a walking stick or anything of the sort. The only issue I have is it will have to lose about six inches off the top where the wood split upon drying out, which happens frequently when making walking sticks, wizard/Druid staffs or magic wands, so it’s no big deal at all!

    Review of: 6' Wax Wood Self Defense / Training Staff
  • Jason

    A great set of knives. Once you get your throwing style down it's pretty fun. I'm a beginner, this is the second set of ball and I will stick with these for now just bought another set while they were on sale. The cord does come off that's expected. Knives do cut things.

    Review of: Gil Hibben Black Triple Pro Throwing Knife Set With Nylon Sheath
  • Nicholas

    As the other comments seggest, the ribbons and string falls off quickly, the string on the grips are made of nylon so add a little heat and press to make sure it stays, the ribbon, i just repaced it with some cotton strips of cloth i had, got them so one of my friends could teach me how to throw them, as stated in past coments the edges are not very sharp, my friend told me that was a good thing since i was just learnging and the edges dont have to be sharp for it to stick in a target the balance is nice and they are easy to throw, i like them and i would segest them to any others who is learning to throw knifes or if you already know then they are grate for practice due to cheap price and amount you get so its really a win win situeation

    Review of: Ridge Runner 12 Piece Throwing Knife Set
  • Joshua

    Unlike the 6-foot version, this one is tough and not over flexible.

    Review of: Night Watchman Jo Staff