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The karambit knife, which has a unique curved blade, comes from Southeast Asia, where legend holds that it was inspired by the claws of big cats. Originally used as a farming tool, it is ideal for cutting thick ropes or belts, but it is also a very capable self-defense weapon. BUDK.com has the largest inventory and widest variety of karambit knives in both fixed blade and folding pocket knife styles.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Douglas

    Fantastic blade, Great job Gil Hibben! Very well designed and fantastic fit & finish. Very sharp right out of the box, I did need to touch up to my liking.

    Review of: Gil Hibben High Polish Karambit With Sheath

  • Zane

    It's a very sharp knife nice case the only thing I had a problem with is one side of the handle was a little loos and one screw was stripped a little

    Review of: Death Before Dishonor Micarta Karambit

  • Jose

    This is my Favorite knife, and I don't like picking favorites! Even closed, you have a SWEET (one) knuckle duster, and a formidable skull crusher! Wish that I would have bought more, with the free shipping offer. Carry is sweet too. I carry mine in my waistband, to the right of my ab (I am left handed), makes for a great draw, if ever needed.

    Review of: Black Legion Camouflage Folding Karambit

  • Brian

    This triple blade set has a cool shiny paint job to them. The Karambit is my favorite, the Huntsman looks awesome, but the sheath is weak and a little smal for the rough edges. The military knife however is really cool, nice grip, and great for concealed knife carry. Thanks BudK!

    Review of: Black Legion Atomic Blue Triple Set

  • Jacob

    Purchased mine about 6 months ago. I love everything about it. The sheath is well made. The handle arrived without any notches or cracks. And the blade came sharp right out of the box. Only thing I needed to do was some slight refining to the tip to really give it the point I was looking for. Great job Bud K!

    Review of: Timber Wolf Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel Karambit Knife