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With its uniquely curved blade, the karambit knife (AKA karambiak) is the perfect blade for self-defense and cutting through tough material (like rope). BUDK.com has the largest inventory and widest variety of karambit knives in both the fixed blade and folding pocket knife styles. From damascus karambits to steel karambit sets and shoulder harness sheaths, we’ve got you covered.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Douglas

    Fantastic blade, Great job Gil Hibben! Very well designed and fantastic fit & finish. Very sharp right out of the box, I did need to touch up to my liking.

    Review of: Gil Hibben High Polish Karambit With Sheath

  • Zane

    It's a very sharp knife nice case the only thing I had a problem with is one side of the handle was a little loos and one screw was stripped a little

    Review of: Death Before Dishonor Micarta Karambit

  • Jose

    This is my Favorite knife, and I don't like picking favorites! Even closed, you have a SWEET (one) knuckle duster, and a formidable skull crusher! Wish that I would have bought more, with the free shipping offer. Carry is sweet too. I carry mine in my waistband, to the right of my ab (I am left handed), makes for a great draw, if ever needed.

    Review of: Black Legion Camouflage Folding Karambit

  • Brian

    This triple blade set has a cool shiny paint job to them. The Karambit is my favorite, the Huntsman looks awesome, but the sheath is weak and a little smal for the rough edges. The military knife however is really cool, nice grip, and great for concealed knife carry. Thanks BudK!

    Review of: Black Legion Atomic Blue Triple Set

  • Jacob

    Purchased mine about 6 months ago. I love everything about it. The sheath is well made. The handle arrived without any notches or cracks. And the blade came sharp right out of the box. Only thing I needed to do was some slight refining to the tip to really give it the point I was looking for. Great job Bud K!

    Review of: Timber Wolf Buffalo Horn Damascus Steel Karambit Knife