Daggers, which were designed to be thrusting or stabbing weapons because of their sharp blade point, have a long history while remaining a relevant part of modern cutlery. BUDK.com continues to champion these blade enthusiast favorites by offering a wide selection of daggers. From functional self-defense push daggers to innovative fantasy daggers and historic replica daggers, we have the design for whatever you need at the greatest value around.

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  • Carter

    it’s not to big, not to small, fits well in my hand, its solid has an ok edge snug firm fit in the sheath, secure locking snap that's easy to release when wanted. totally worth getting. the engraving you can get isn’t really an engraving it’s like a chemical stamp like the wording already on the blade, it does look good thoe

    Review of: United Cutlery Large Honshu Push Dagger

  • John

    Blades are great sharp out of the box. Not to heavy but very sturdy and a good balance. The nylon sheath is great, thick with metal rivets down the sides and extra padding at the tips. Rubberized handles have a great feel and fit, I would have made the small knifes handle longer. I guess that would keep it from being a small knife, lol. All in all a definite 6 out of 5!

    Review of: Combat Commander Gladius Dagger Combo

  • Ivan

    So I have several daggers and throwing knives. All of those are semi-sharp or dull. This one is the exception to the rule. Not only is it actually sharp, but it's also thick and heavy. This is my new favorite knife. Thanks BudK!

    Review of: USMC Scorching Sands G10 Stonewashed Dagger with Nylon Sheath

  • Min

    I was looking for a double push dagger to put on my belt for a long time now. I saw 1 made in Russia that is also a belt buckle but it cost $150 not including shipping :/ When I saw this i was like it is a steal for $10. It is $5 dollar a blade with free sheath. I took it with me for couble of days and sometimes one will fall out. That is why I gave it 4 stars. Making a Kydex sheath for it.

    Review of: United Cutlery Undercover Black Twin Push Daggers

  • Aubrey

    Pleasantly surprised. The knife came sharp. The handle is very comfortable and solid and I have big hands. The sheath does have a substantial clip that will work well on both a boot or belt. The knife also holds well in the sheath, minimal wiggle and I'm not worried about it falling out. Well worth the money.

    Review of: Schrade Push Dagger With Nylon Fiber Sheath