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Whether you’re looking for something to get started with or something to hunt with, BUDK.com has the Crossbow you’re looking for. We have compound crossbows, traditional crossbows and crossbow pistols. We also have the accessories you need including arrow packs, crossbow string and rail wax.

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Top Customer Reviews

  • stephen exley (Crystal River, FL) - one of the best crossbows ever

    This is the best crossbow I have ever had. It is quite accurate I can put a hole thru a pop can at 75 feet no problem, or go squirrel hunting with it if I want too. So the only problem I found was the string it will fray after a while.

    Review of: 80lb Cobra System Self Cocking Crossbow
  • Richard (Tampa, FL) - This is NOT a toy

    Wasn't sure if it would be worth the $20. But it is. Very powerful too, went straight through my target. The bolts could be better, The one that went through the tip broke off. Still powerful enough to stick without the tip though. For the price it's a nice introduction to crossbows.

    Review of: Avalanche Pistol Grip Tactical 50-lb. Crossbow
  • Nerma (Anchorage, AK) - Fantastic crossbow

    I'll admit, I was nervous about dropping $100 on what could potentially be a crappy crossbow. My fears were very quickly negated when the bow arrived. It is very solid, easy to assemble,
    and extremely powerful. I destroyed the first arrow because I underestimated the bow's power, and shot an arrow clean through a sheet of plywood, stripping off the fletching. After mounting a scope on the rail getting everything sighted in, I've no doubt this crossbow will take out many deer this coming hunting season.

    Review of: 150 LB Tactical Trailblazer® Crossbow
  • Michael Tucci (Hammond, LA) - Black 120lb crossbow

    Great starter crossbow. Requires locktite to keep screws in place. Fairly accurate, but the trigger is "jerky". Shoots straight and hits hard. Good deal for the money.

    Review of: Black 120 lb Crossbow
  • Stoddard (San Angelo, TX) - The pistol grip is even better

    What kind of a crazy person would want a full size crossbow with a pistol grip? ME! And who can you buy such a thing from? ONLY BUDK! I have been looking for a crossbow like this for a long time. I like unusual things and this qualifies as most cool. It is a centerpiece of my collection and always gains the interest of visitors. I'm going to get the foldable version next.

    Review of: Trailblazer® Wooden Stock 150 lb Crossbow