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  • Joe

    These things are fun. A great thick laser that goes a long distance. The cat loves it too!

    Review of: Bright Green Laser Pointer

  • Kelby

    These awesome. It might not fit men with sausage fingers ( you know who you are), but it fit mine like a glove. Mine was even bright and polished. I'm sure it will patina over time. These things will WRECK your paperwork, and you will be glad that you have them.

    Review of: Heavy Brass Paperweight

  • Tom

    So i've always wanted a replica "colt" from the tv show supernatural. And for this price this is the perfect one to do this project to.

    Review of: Outlaw Revolver Replica with Stand

  • John

    The pull cord smoke grenades are awesome, BUDK did it again with this one. I recommend for airsoft battle or if you just need some smoke cover for your getaway but your better off buying at least 3 or more at a time, peace ya'll.

    Review of: Pull-Pin Smoke Grenade

  • Brandy

    My wife bought this for me as a birthday gift. I started out with a very small, 5 pick set. This one comes with 12 picks and 3 tension wrenches which is awesome. I've been fairly rough with a few of them and they have held up nicely. The clear practice lock is cool as well, especially for beginners, like myself. I definitely recommend this item. Might get a set for my friend, in fact.

    Review of: Secure Pro Practice Padlock and 15-Piece Lock Pick Set