Bowie knives began as a large, fighting-style knife with a long, clip point blade and they were used for skinning game, splitting fire wood and cutting rope. Today, these iconic knives perform the very same tasks and offers an assortment of bowie knives built for battle against whatever comes their way! Whether it’s fantasy, collectible or traditional, the feeling of power that holding the hefty handle of a bowie knife gives or the confidence that it is big enough to get the job done, is what makes it a legend.

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  • John

    The knife just arrived today ( a day ahead of schedule!) and it is very nice. Good deal, quality product. Thanks BudK!

    Review of: Timber Rattler Sinful Spiked Bowie Knife With Nylon Sheath

  • James

    flawless. light for it huge size. very sharp and the finger grips , my finger just melt into them. the gaining on the wood of the handle is just magnificent. this is a must have worth twice the price. no disappointments to be fond here.

    Review of: Gil Hibben 60th Anniversary Hibben Legend Bowie Knife

  • MG

    I used this knife to cut my wedding cake. We're still happily married almost 10 years later. Can't say it wasn't because of this knife... also, the reception guests audibly gasped, and that was awesome.

    Review of: Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Full Tang Bowie Knife

  • Pete

    I just got this knife yesterday and it is definitely better than I thought sharp right out of the box and huge the ingraving on it looks pretty awesome all and all a pretty sweet knife

    Review of: Timber Rattler Jungle Fury Bowie

  • Scott

    I recd this pair of beauties and I'm totally happy with them. First, the knives are "Simply Gorgeous". They fine works of art. No, I wouldn't take them out on a hike or use them to cut down saplings; they're too nice for that. They were very sharp upon arrival and have held their edge nicely. Secondly, I am very pleased with the quality of the sheath. Both knives fit snugly into place without cutting the leather and removing them is not a struggle. Finally, you can't beat the price for this pair of this quality. No, they aren't 'Gil Hibben-quality', but they're pretty damn close! Thanks BudK

    Review of: Timber Rattler Camel Bone Bowie Knife